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Reaching stars has never been easier when you are in the coolest .NET space jet. Join a 2-month paid traineeship program and become a .NET professional at Baltic Amadeus without even blinking.

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Join our .NET space jet in:

Prepare to be blown away (in a good way) because BA IT Challenge is back! Be brave to go on a 2-month journey — discover .NET technology and apply your gained skills practically.

Many reasons to reach the stars with us:

We value our experience

You will meet Benas, Diana and Lauras — our stars and former BA IT Challengers — glad to share their know-how and teach you the best .NET practices. Are you keen to learn from professionals and become one? Then, it is a match for us.

We all are humans

We built many spaceships in the past, going through many successes and mistakes. Now, we are ready to share our learned lessons with you.

Freedom is a must

We can try different career paths and find our own way — be free to discover various technologies and choose when & from where you want to work.

Enjoy lT with us

We believe in what we do and love having FUN while creating IT. Have fun with us — enjoy all office perks (foosball, PS, fresh fruits, coffee, ice cream), various parties (we love them) and other BA activities.

Meet BA IT Challenge stars

"As I also started my career with the BA IT Challenge, I try to contribute and help future colleagues every year. The most fun part of the BA IT Challenge is working on real and in-house projects. What's more fun than making a usable project from scratch?"

Diana Grochovskytė .NET developer

"BA IT Challenge was a one-of-a-kind experience that allowed me to take a better look at software development. Most importantly, I was surrounded by great and knowledgeable mentors who always answered my questions in depth for me to understand. So, if you want to deepen your knowledge in .NET and be surrounded by inspiring people - join BA IT Challenge."

Benas Budrys Senior .NET developer

"I came to BA IT Challenge intending to reinvent myself and become a software developer — I not only sharpened my skills and learned about best practices but also tested myself in making a functioning application. So, when Baltic Amadeus invited me into their team, I knew I was ready."

Lauras Dilys Junior .NET developer

How can you become a challenger?

Apply until
2022 09 25

Do a test task
till 2022 09 25

Meet our HR
until 2022 10 05

Hop on .NET space
jet from 2022 10 10

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